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National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol Contact Number

Welcome to National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol official page, While thanking you for the inquiry of products, we are pleased to forward our all of details as follows.

Name : National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol
Address : 181 S W R D Bandaranayake Mw, Kandy
Location : Important
Phone Number : (011) 269 3623
Email : [email protected]
Web : national.lankadoc.com
Category : Important Phone Numbers

About the institution and services

This National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol is located in Important, Sri Lanka. Basically Important Phone Numbers services are provided. It has also built up a very high level of consumer preference and trust. we therefore ensure that this institution is reliable in obtaining the products and services of the type mentioned above.

If you need more, send a letter to the above address on 181 S W R D Bandaranayake Mw, Kandy. We have provided the phone and web address as a gift.

You can also call to ask if there are any vacancies or vacancies in the company. If there are such vacancies, you can send your application to the web address or as mentioned above mailing address.

But if you want to see if there are any vacancies then this website is not available. For that you have to send a phone call or a letter. You have to ask me if I have this qualification and if you can work in the company. Also ask if there are any job vacancies or how much the salary is.

Simply put, this is what this institution has to say. But this cannot be ignored. To this day, the company has not misled customers and defrauded them of their money. But we can't say about tomorrow.

Therefore, my advice is to deal with this company more carefully.

Kurunegala | Tel. 0372295232
Anuradhapura | Tel. 0777457573
Matara | Tel. 0711547237
Kadawatha | Tel. 0774102499
Niyadurupola | Tel. 0714835160
New Town | Tel. 0711869296
Colombo | Tel. 0112380304
Kelaniya | Tel. 0113021600, 0714235699
Kandy | Tel. 0716563588, 0775924476
Boralesgamuwa | Tel. 0763293999
Kiribathgoda | Tel. 0722240440
Galle | Tel. 0779322861
Kandy | Tel. 0768227250
Mirissa | Tel. 08451547201, 084515404
Pattiyagedara | Tel. 0602770691, 0716373296
Colombo | Tel. 0722412101, 0722453011
Kiribathgoda | Tel. 0112907337, 0776243406
Hettipola | Tel. 0372291061
Kandy | Tel. 0777801627
Seeppukulama | Tel. 0776199406
Boralesgamuwa | Tel. 0115390100, 0773124733
Weliweriya | Tel. 0718922035
Ragama | Tel. 0755118431, 0774672627
Hettipola | Tel. 0777569079, 0372291108
Colombo | Tel. 0112422041, 0114377187
Habaraduwa | Tel. 0776729852
Colombo | Tel. 0112587041, 0112932322
Wellawatta | Tel. 0775092940
Kandy | Tel. 0812221275
Mankulam | Tel. 0712542076

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